Teaching Philosophy

As a musician, it is essential to develop a good technique (posture, finger strength and agility, etc), basic aural skills, theory knowledge, and sight reading. Through a variety of carefully chosen repertoire and technical exercises, I help my students grow and develop no matter their background. I am comfortable working with students from age 4 to 60; as long as there is love and interest for music, anyone can learn how to play the piano. 

As a teacher, I require my students to practice regularly in order to receive their best learning experience in a lesson. Younger students will be encouraged to memorize and have some pieces that are performance ready. Older students will be given more flexibility due to a busier work schedule and/or studies, but will still be encouraged to give their best. While practice and dedication is necessary, I also believe that music learning can also be a fun experience through repertoire choice, such as Disney, pop, and jazz pieces balanced with pieces by Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, and Rachmaninoff.  

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